About Us

Welcome to Fainger Engineering

Fainger Engineering was started in the Year 1975. Since Inception the company has earned a reputation for providing Quality Products in the field of Instrumentation and Control of basic parameters namely Pressure and Flow. A dedicated team of engineers support in design, custom engineering, quality control and market a comprehensive product range.
Fainger Engineering is a registered MSME unit having well equipped with manufacturing, testing and calibration facility backed by experienced and qualified personnel. The products manufactured meet the stringent requirements of national as well as international codes and standards. Our safety valves are being used by customers across all major industries like oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
With a strong commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and integrity, Fainger Engineering started their business operations in 1975. At Fainger Engineering, operations are strategically structured along with various business units like Manufacturing for domestic markets, Exports, and the products quality are checked in our Testing and Calibration facilities. We have created a safe and healthy work environment for our staff, which promotes leadership and innovative products. Due consideration and respect is given to each of our employee, customer and business associate. Client’s Specification and requirements are our primary drivers & all our products are manufactured based on customer requirements. Trust and bond with our products makes our clients valuable. Product categories are extended on a regular basis for wider applications and also create fundamental innovations in response to the need of our own and allied industries. We invite enquiries and suggestions as to possible further extension of our product range and application of our technological expertise in this field.

Message From CEO

About 5 decades ago when we laid the foundation stone of Fainger Engineering for providing world class Quality Products in the field of Instrumentation and Control of basic parameters namely Pressure and Flow. Everything looked small – the funds, the facilities and even the future potential. But there was one thing that was rather disproportionately big about Fainger Engineering Group and that was – Our Vision of empowering our way ahead. A dedicated team of engineers support in design, engineering products with utmost quality control standards and market a comprehensive product range. We believed that if we bring together good, skilled and honest people and provided them adequate training & corporate culture , they will grow as best qualified professionals and we have integrated them in our field support service and we have complemented the people skills with the right technologies. With this, we have a winning combination. We followed the right path through our mission and thanks to all our loyal customers, we have achieved a respectable position in our Market Segment.

Vision Mission Values


Striving for perfection in order to provide safety to our customers by exemplary performance, state of art quality work, thereby providing utmost satisfaction to all our customers & all the other stakeholders.


We are of the strong belief that our products are an integral part of our customers' core production units & hence strive hard to become our customer’s primary choice. Our products support the efficient and reliable processes and thus help & add to our customers' profitability for many more decades to come. Our Vision with Values are -

Ethics - Setting high standards of ethics and values. People – Leading with passion to excel. Innovation – for the creativity and entrepreneurship development. Environment – taking care of environment and our community. Technology - providing frontier techniques. Customers - creating a everlasting relationship with our customers.


We have a well-equipped manufacturing facility located in Dombivli MIDC spanning a large area with latest infrastructure and modern technology. Our presence in the Industry since 1975 has enabled us to address the ever evolving needs of our customers. Our infrastructure is constantly scaled up and goes hand in hand with our experienced and dynamic talent pool to strengthen and optimize the solutions we offer. At Fainger, we are guided by our vision and values that reflect in our commitment to our customers.


Customer expectations drive Quality management programs and processes to help ensure satisfaction in every aspect of our relationship. The corporate quality leadership team defines quality strategy, quality goals, improvement approaches and initiatives, which are then reviewed by the corporate leadership team for validation and resource commitment. Executive quality reviews are chaired by the CEO with the participation of the top management team. Meetings are held every month to review key quality results, the status of quality initiatives, and new improvement opportunities.

As a means to monitor and measure Fainger Engineering performance a number of indicators are measured and reported at monthly management meetings, with a view to continual improvement.

The Free scale Quality organization is structured in the following way:

  • National division quality is focused on flawless new product introduction and quality, as well as handling Customer Quality.
  • Manufacturing and technology is focused on the quality of manufactured products and the quality of new technologies and positioning in the market.
  • Quality labs are comprised of product analysis labs, reliability labs and calibration labs.
  • Quality Systems helps to ensure compliance of our quality processes and certification to standards such as ISO 9001 - 2015.
  • The quality division at Fainger is aligned for global standards. It provides support across any country across the Globe & assists to ensure high quality standards are met.

Approvals and Certifications

Fainger Engineeringis committed to quality policies that will ensure that our customers are provided with products of a consistently high level of quality, reliability, safety and that products are delivered at the agreed time line.Fainger Engineeringis also committed to improving service to our customers by exceeding their expectations.

Our manufacturing facility is approved by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO) and Products have also undergone type test and certification at :

  • CIMFR (Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research) Dhanbad
  • Fluid Control Research Institute (FCRI) Kanjikode
  • Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI) Mumbai Flame Arrestors type tested as per IS-11006, IS-16485

Our Products are approved by leading Engineering Consultants, OEM's, Chemical & Petrochemicals, refineries and Fertilizer Industries.

All the products customized and are manufactured based on Client's Specifications & Requirements. We regularly extend our product range to wider applications, and also create fundamental innovations in response to the need of our own and allied industries. We invite enquiries and suggestions as to possible further extension of our product range and application of our technological expertise in this field.